Belt loaders

Belt loaders

Self-propelled belt loader Mulag Orbiter 7.5 D (Germany)



7,690×2,190×2,109 mm

Own weight

3,500 kg

Turning radius

7,900 mm


Deutz D2011 L04, 37 kW (50 HP)

Fuel tank capacity

80 l


Hydrostatic rear

Size of the wheels

single-tire 205 R14 / 205 R15 front and rear

Maximum speed

25 km/h

Maximum belt load

135 kg/m

Maximum point belt load

400 kg

Belt speed

0-0.8 m/s

Belt length

7,500 mm

Belt width

600 mm

Range of heights served by the front edge of the boom

4,200-1,020 mm

Range of heights served by the rear edge of the boom

1,680-730 mm

Conveyor luggage loader SCHOPF F 100 D

Technical specifications:

Engine Deutz F4 L1011F

Working volume 2,732 cm3

Power — 62 HP (48 kW) at 3,000 rpm

Max. Torque 113 Nm at 1,800 rpm

Transmission SAUER42R28C/MMFF046C

Tires Front 185 R14C / Rear 185 R14C

Dimensions: Length 9,280 mm / Width 2,100 mm / Height (with cabin) 1,900 mm

Wheelbase 3,000 mm

Weight 2,550 kg

Conveyor length 9,000 mm

Conveyor width 640 mm

Belt width 600 mm

Working heights range
Front, a minimum of 840 mm
Front, a maximum of 4,800 mm
Rear, a minimum of 470 mm
Rear, a maximum of 2,180 mm

Maximum single load 400 kg

Maximum distributed load 700 kg

Maximum belt speed 0.5 m/s

Maximum speed 25 km / h

Maximum slope to overcome 8%

Maximum permissible wind speed 74 km/h

Self-propelled belt loader TLD NBL (France)


Engine:diesel PERKINS 404D-22


Front / rear axle: high-strength continuous axle

Brakes (working):braking is carried out by means of hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheels and of drum type — on the rear axle. For maximum safety, a dual system is used, separately on the front and rear axles

Brakes (Parking): rear drum-type brakes are controlled remotely from the driver’s seat by means of a lever and a cable locking the rear wheels

Steering: hydrostatic, as standard

• Tyres:on the front and rear wheels, there are tyres of model 215/75 R (automotive type) used

Fuel tank capacity:40 l

• Hydraulic tank:the capacity of the tank is 70 liters, it has a built-in reverse filter • Hydraulic system: the supply of hydraulic fluid to perform all functions of the loader is 15 l / min and is provided by one gear type pump. The maximum allowable pressure in the hydraulic system is limited to 140 bar (2,000 psi) by means of a bypass valve.

Lifting boom:the standard boom length is 7,800 mm, width is 700 mm; the conveyor belt has a width of 600 mm and can bear a load of 1,200 kg with its uniform distribution. Maximum belt speed ranges from 15 m/min to 20 m/min

Boom and belt control:for convenient use and overall reliability, all the controls have electric actuators that are controlled by solenoid valves. The belt is rotated by a hydraulic motor; two single-acting cylinders are fixed on the frame and control the height of the boom lift.


• Electrical system 12V DC.

• 55A generator

• Electric buzzer and main battery switch.

• Lighting (2 units each): front lights, parking lights, front and rear turn lights.

Trailed belt conveyor loader AMSS BL-450 (England)



5,182×1,494×1,120 mm

Own weight

906 kg


HATZ Diesel1B30-Х

Fuel tank capacity

25 l

Maximum belt load

650 kg

Belt length

4,500 mm

Belt width

600 mm

Range of heights served by the front edge of the boom

1,702-915 mm.

Range of heights served by the rear edge of the boom

1,625-432 mm

Belt loaders Denge DBC 3750 (Turkey)

Technical specifications

Engine Honda GX390 (petrol)

Boom length 7,500 mm

Belt speed 0-0.4 m/s

Belt width 600 mm

Maximum single load on belt 400 kg

Maximum distributed load 1,000 kg

Range of serviced heights

By front edge of the boom 3,750 — 1,250 mm

By rear edge of the boom 650 — 750 mm