Container loaders

Container loaders

Loader of containers and pallets TREPEL PCL 70 (Germany)

Designed to service the lower and main decks of cargo aircraft B767, 777, MD-11, DC-10, A320, 321, 330. Maximum load −7,000 kg. Maximum service height — 3,700 mm.

The loader is designed to service containers with dimensions of 60.4″ x 62.5″ and pallets of 125"x 96″.

The loader has two lifting platforms.

The main platform has the ability to move containers and pallets forward, backward and to turn by 360oin any direction.

The cargo platform has the ability to move containers and pallets forward, backward and left and right.

The powerplant allows to rotate all kinds of standard containers or pallets the dimensions of which do not exceed 96"x125″, in the rear of the platform.

The TREPEL CCL 70 loader can be used to service the following types of aircraft:

Main deck:

Lower deck

DC 8

B 747

DC 9

B 767/777

B 737



CL 44 (Canada Air)


Fokker 28

A 310 (in the nose and tail)

BAE 146-200

TU 154

А 320


А 321

А330, А340

A 380 (in the nose and tail)


Technical specifications Dimensions and weight


9,200 mm


3,600 mm


3,100 mm

Own weight

14,000 kg

Working height range:

Main platform

485 mm — 3,700 mm

Front platform

1,800 mm — 3,700 mm

Distance between the guides:

Main platform

3,264 mm

Front platform

3,264 mm

Ground clearance

120 mm


Payload on lift:

Loader stairs

7,000 kg

Main platform

7,000 kg

Load capacity (main platform):

1 container of pallets 96″ x 125″

(along / across)

2 pcs. of cargo containers LD 1-3

Loader speed:

max 15 km/h

3 km/h (slow speed)

Slope to overcome:

Min. 7%

Permissible wind speed

20 m/s

Ability to service ground transport

1,600 mm