Passenger steps

Passenger steps

Passenger towed stairs Zodiac CDS2445 (Czech Republic)

Range of serviced heights 2.4 — 4.5 meters

Lifting / lowering the ramp is carried out by a hydraulic cylinder driven by a hand pump

The maximum load on the stairs platform is 800 kg

The maximum step load is 200 kg

An Electrical system of12 VDC(only for staircase lighting)

The maximum towing speed is 25 km / h

Dimensions of the boarding pad 2.24×1.59 meters

Width (internal) of the staircase1.2 meters

Self-propelled passenger airstairs ABS-580, manufactured by TLD (France)

ABS-580 transports passengers to aircraft with a door threshold height of 2.20 to 5.80 meters. The ramp has a telescopic ladder design. The height of the ramp can be set in steps, allowing passengers to comfortably descend and climb the stair

Main characteristics

Chassis: self-propelled, manufactured by TLD.

Engine: diesel PERKINS 404D-22

Transmission: automatic.

Front axle: Full-size, rigidly fixed.

Rear axle: fixed drive axle with differential.

Brakes: braking is carried out by means of hydraulics to 4 wheels.

Steering: hydrostatic type on the front wheels, with power.

Fuel tank: 80 l

Hydraulic tank 80 l

Wheels: 215/75R-17,5.

Self-propelled passenger airstairs Eurostair 2000, manufactured by Mallaghan (Northern Ireland)

Passenger airstairs with a range of working heights of 2400-4400 mm.

The high-rise capabilities of the Eurostair 2000 allow servicing civil aircraft types from B737 to B767/B787.