About the company


LLC AEROSMART SYSTEMS is a Russian company providing the full scope of operating activities for handling companies and airlines. Its key activities include production of equipment and leasing machinery for ground handling of aircrafts; maintenance and repair of GSE.

Facts and figures

On the market
since 2013

The staff comprise more than 120 employees (100 of those are engineers and technicians)

Owns 200 units of GSE. More than 700 pieces of serviced equipment


Base area of more than 2500 m2

Warehouse area – 500 m2
Nomenclature – 3000 items


Optimizingbusiness processes and timely meeting the changing needs of your company with the necessary equipment without significant investment;

Adjustingyour capacities for the changing needs of the market (a client can repurchase the rented equipment at a very attractive price and at any time);

Readinessof our technical specialists to always provide service support and emergency repair of the equipment both rented and owned by the customer;

Our specialistsare always ready to assist in consulting the customer when he selects the equipment, in training the customer’s personnel.

The company employs experienced engineers and technicians with at least 10 years of working in the field of maintenance and restoration of GSE of the world's leading brands. More than 40 of our employees, on a regular basis, attend training and advanced training courses from European and American manufacturers.

The nomenclature of the company’s warehouse includes more than 3,000 names of products and components. Its total area is 500 m2.

From the very beginning of the company’s activities, much attention was paid to establishing extensive relations and signing contracts with foreign and domestic suppliers of spare parts and materials. The current database includes more than 200 valid contracts. Particular attention is paid to the direct relationships with GSE manufacturers.

The accumulated experience of servicing various types of equipment allows us to assert, that only an integrated approach to the issues of serviceability gives a stable positive effect expressed in a high level of Availability Factor (AF) of the fleet. The implementation of our methods of ensuring technical operability allows us to guarantee the serviceability of equipment at an average level of 90-95% for our customers, which is a high figure in the industry.