Leasing machinery and equipment for ground handling


Seasonal and other periodic fluctuations in the intensity of flights, including the opening of new flights or the emergence of new types of aircraft, as a rule, require that service companies expand the fleet of their aviation ground handling machinery, which in turn entails inevitable significant costs for its acquisition. Leasing equipment is an ideal tool for adapting airlines and handling companies to their changing needs. Having clear prospects and interest, a client can purchase the rented equipment at a very attractive price and at any time.

LLC AEROSMART SYSTEMS specializes in services for the operational activities of handling companies. It has developed several variants of leasing the equipment and aviation ground handling machinery. We offer you the basic principles and terms of the provision of this service.

Leasing machinery and equipment without technical and operational support

Leasing machinery and equipment on the terms of carrying out regular maintenance by means of and at the expense of the Lessor

Leasing machinery and equipment with a full range of technical support services

Advantages of Leasing:

1. An ability to adjust the size of the fleet depending on one’s seasonal and daily needs;

2. No risk of insufficient machinery and related financial loss in the event of machinery failure;

3. No need for large-scale investment related to the expansion or introduction of new services, or in connection with a new client;