Interior restoration and repair


During the operation of vehicles and machinery, not only mechanical components become worn, but also the interior. Therefore, to maintain their performance and appearance, the interior periodically requires restoration. Qualified specialists of the company Aerosmart Systems restore the problematic elements of car and special machinery cabins efficiently and quickly. Only professional proven materials and equipment are used for operation.

The most vulnerable parts in the car and special machinery cabins are the seats, the flooring, the plastic surfaces and the steering wheel.

Our technicians perform restoration works of the following types:

  • Elimination of abrasions, cuts and punctures on the surface of the seat upholstery;
  • Removal of traces of scratches and cracks on the plastic parts;
  • Restoration of inscriptions and drawings on the buttons and panels, painting of plastic parts;
  • Restoration of damaged elements of the leather coating on the steering wheel or a complete replacement of the coating;
  • Replacement of plastic, textile and leather parts that can’t be restored, as well as floor covering elements.

In case of severe wear of the seats, a complete replacement of the soft filler and the upholstery is made.

Complex restoration of the cabin interior or individual damaged parts requires a case-by-case approach. Our specialists carefully select materials suitable in color, texture and quality to eliminate the defect.